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Caridad Consulting offers customized services, tools and expertise to engage students and professionals in intercultural development, strengths-based leadership, and social justice. We believe that through deep, intentional, intrapersonal reflection and self-awareness, your capacity to lead for social justice can grow. This belief frames all of our services; from large group workshops to personal coaching. 

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Intercultural competence is critical to successfully adapt and bridge across cultural differences that are present in your personal and professional environments. Your intercultural development work starts with taking the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) which indicates how you make sense of and respond to cultural difference. The IDI can be used to measure this for organizational teams, too. Each IDI comes with a personalized Intercultural Development Plan to improve the intercultural mindset of yourself and the individuals on your team. Personalized coaching for increasing intercultural development is an additional option to consider for those looking to increase their personal capacity for bridging cultural differences and empathy.


Audience: Individuals, Organizations/Teams, Higher Education Students 



The goals of the Social Justice & Anti-Racism workshops are to help your students understand, unpack, and address how power, privilege, and identities intersect and how they can lead change for social justice at their campus. These workshops are tailored to the needs of your students but each workshop is led with a focus on anti-racism, intersectionality, and critical consciousness. The workshops include work on understanding social identities, unpacking systems of oppression, and building personal capacity for leading social justice initiatives.


Audience: High School Students and Higher Education Students 


Leadership workshops include the use of the StrengthsFinder tool. StrengthsFinder is based in positive psychology and measures your Top 5 talents, which, when coupled with time, skills, and practice can become the sources of your greatest strengths. Leading with your strengths, either personally, or as a team, can lead to positive, sustainable organizations. Our leadership workshops are tailored to your organization, campus, or school needs. Leading with Strengths workshops gives you the language to articulate your strengths and better understand the strengths of your team to increase collaboration, project management, and leadership in your organization, campus or school. Personalized strengths-based leadership coaching is also available for those looking to increase their personal leadership capacity.

Audience: Individuals, Organizations/Teams, Higher Education Students 



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